By an article published in the magazine PROFIFOTO in October 2010 I came to know about the possibility, to create and publish books in professional quality, make them accessible for an interested public and sell them through the internet by using blurb. The presentation of the books in the blurb - bookstore I think is very good as well as the whole concept, that is offering a chance to photographers to create illustrated books or coffe-table books, without having to spend a lot of money. There are lots of interesting topics, for those who are interested in photography, publishing companies often refuse with arguments like "much to special" or "there is no market". In some ways understandable, if you have to sell at least 3000 to 5000 copies of a book, produced in traditional offset-technology, for to make a profit and not a loss. Blurb books are printed digitally and on demand. The retail price is made up of the price, blurb is asking for printing and binding one book plus a surcharge, with is the authors profit and can be set by the author himself. This makes the books more expensive - in my case around 33% - in comparison to a similar book done by a publishing company, but I hope that people who like a photographers work, will accept this, knowing these 33% are defenitely the artists profit.


So much as a preface, now have a look on my books:


I hope you like them ! Feedback of any kind is welcome