Theyyam black & white

Theyyam or Theyattam is a religious ritual, a unique combination of dance, music, masks, ritual face- and bodypainting and sacrifices, including many aspects of a tribal culture.
Trance and the belief, that the dancer in the mask of the deity, actuallly is the god or goddess, coming, from a special point of the ritual on, iare playing a main role in Theyyam.
In some way Theyyam is „older than Hinduism“, or more exactly the vedic or brahmanic tradition of Hinduism, and can be traced back to local prevedic tribal traditions, that are nowadays completely integrated into Hinduism. The region, where Theyyam is popular still practised is North-Malabar, the 2 northern districts of Kerala ( Kannur and Kasaragod ) and the northern end of the Kozhikode District, just south of Kannur, as well as in the border
region between Kerala and Karnataka. In the very south of Karnataka, the region known as Tulu Nadu or Dakshina Kannada, Butha Kola is practised, a ritual very similar to Theyyam. While working on this topic for several years, I got a collection of more than 2000 photographs - analog in the beginning, but the majority as digital files. Here a few of them „developed“ as black & white.

Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_1270.jpg Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_9.jpg Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_1750.jpg Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_1472.jpg
Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_2721.jpg Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_1606.jpg Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_1894.jpg Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_2412.jpg
Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_1285.jpg Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_209.jpg Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_550.jpg Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_497.jpg
Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_2168.jpg Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_2291.jpg Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_1901.jpg Indien_Kerala_Theyyam_667.jpg