Udupi Paryaya

Udupi, located in coastal Karnataka around 60 km north of Mangalore is famous, because of its Krishna -Temple and the 8 Mathas ( monasteries ) around the temple. The management of the temple is given in a cyclical order to each of the Ashta ( 8 ) Mathas for a period of 2 years.
On this occasion a big festival is held every 2 years, the Paryaya. The photographies of this slideshow I took during the Udupi - Paryaya in January 2010.

udupi_1.jpg udupi_10.jpg udupi_2.jpg udupi_8.jpg
udupi_6.jpg udupi_12.jpg udupi_11.jpg udupi_13.jpg
udupi_4.jpg udupi_3.jpg udupi_15.jpg udupi_16.jpg
udupi_17.jpg udupi_14.jpg udupi_18.jpg udupi_19.jpg