Vienna, Central-Cemetery black & white

In the last years, I have visited Vienna several times - all in all I have spend around 3 - 4 month in this city, to do the photography for a book on Vienna, that will be published in
spring 2012 by Christan Brandstätter Verlag. The Central Cemetery was one of the many places I had to visit for this book and some of the pictures I took there, I have ădeveloped“
in black& white for this slideshow

zentralfriedhof_1.jpg zentralfriedhof_2.jpg zentralfriedhof_6.jpg zentralfriedhof_5.jpg
zentralfriedhof_9.jpg zentralfriedhof_8.jpg zentralfriedhof_4.jpg zentralfriedhof_3.jpg
zentralfriedhof_14.jpg zentralfriedhof_13.jpg zentralfriedhof_15.jpg zentralfriedhof_10.jpg
zentralfriedhof_11.jpg zentralfriedhof_12.jpg zentralfriedhof_7.jpg zentralfriedhof_16.jpg