"Berlin StreetArt 2017" - 3 / Calendar13 x 16,5 in

A calendar showing 13 motives of Street Art in Berlin. Most of them have vanished already or have been replaced by other pictures.

Available in Bookstores for 21,95 €, ISBN 978-3-9816582-7-9 or order it directly under my adress ( 21,95 € plus 3,00 to 7,00 € postage. depending on country ). Orders of 3 calendars or more are free of postage charge. Deliverytime 7 -14 days

Like all my other calendars, it can be ordered as a promotional gift from a number of 25 pieces on. In case you want such a calendar, logo, adress and contact data of your company will be integrated into the layout of the titel page as well as on each other page - if you want. Instead of an index-page at the end, the 14th page, coming as first after the titel, will be a beautifully designed text page with greetings to your customers and friends.

For more information and a detailed offer, please contact me.

To start the slideshow and to see the calendar pages in a bigger size please click on one of the thumbnails.

Street Art_Hochf._Titel.jpg Street Art_Hochf._01.jpg Street Art_Hochf._02.jpg Street Art_Hochf._03.jpg
Street Art_Hochf._04.jpg Street Art_Hochf._05.jpg Street Art_Hochf._06.jpg Street Art_Hochf._07.jpg
Street Art_Hochf._08.jpg Street Art_Hochf._09.jpg Street Art_Hochf._10.jpg Street Art_Hochf._11.jpg
Street Art_Hochf._12.jpg Street Art_Hochf._index.jpg