Berlin, Carnival of Cultures

The Carnival of Cultures is one of the major yearly events in Berlin, the city I live in since October 2008. The date is the Whitsun-weekend and the big parade is held on sunday.
From 2009 on I witnessed the Carnival of Cultures with my camera. Here you can see some of the many pictures I took

karneval_1.jpg karneval_2.jpg karneval_3.jpg karneval_4.jpg
karneval_5.jpg karneval_6.jpg karneval_7.jpg karneval_8.jpg
karneval_9.jpg karneval_10.jpg karneval_11.jpg karneval_12.jpg
karneval_13.jpg karneval_14.jpg karneval_15.jpg karneval_18.jpg