Sadhus & Nihang

A theme I worked on again and again, when visiting India and Nepal are the Hindu-monks, known as Sadhus. Meanwhile I have quite a collection of photographs ( slides as well as
blck & white negatives ). Most of this pictures I took while visiting big festivals like Mahashivaratri at the temple of Pashupatinath / Nepal or the Kumbh Mela at Haridwar in 1998, when I spend more than 2 month there.
The pictures of the Nihang, the sikh warrior-“priests“ I took in 1999 at Anandpur Sahib, at the occasion of the festivities of the 300 anniversary of the founding of the Khalsa by
Guru Gobind Singh the 10th and last Guru of Sikhism. The photographs of this slideshow are all done with analog equipment, digital SLR I started to use from 2003 / 2004 on.

naga_babas.jpg abhan_akhara_camp.jpg vor_der_prozession.jpg naga_prozession.jpg
guru_and_attendant.jpg guru_in_der_prozession.jpg junger_sadhu.jpg weibl_sadhu_mit_nandi.jpg
boy_sadhu.jpg old_vaishnava_sadhu_2.jpg rajendra.jpg sadhu_mit_python.jpg
sadhu_pashupatinath_1.jpg sadhu_with_bad_teeth.jpg shaiva_sadhu_bucklig.jpg sadhu_salutierend.jpg